Deal: $2 M for next-gen composite material to ship compressed natural gas without pipelines and LNG

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This international group owning a transformational new technology to put compressed natural gas into safe composite-material consumer and marine shipping size canisters is seeking $2 million for a pilot project to finalize steps to commercially apply the technology. Once the pilot is complete, they will also seek $85 million to roll out this technology (manufacture the canisters, load and distribute to users) in either Qatar, Indonesia, Nigeria, China and or North America. The only requirement is an adjacent source of natural gas. This technology will replace much more costly liquefied petroleum gas (LPG and propane) and remove the need for gas pipelines, saving consumers 60% on their fuel bills, and saving governments from costly LPG subsidies. The principals are open to various equity, debt and investment structures but they project a non leveraged IRR of +30% depending on various gas pricing scenarios and locations.
Oil & Energy
Canada, China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, United States