Deal: $50M for transformational FDA/WHO compliant generic drug manufacturer for emerging markets

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This transformational emerging-market generic pharma and medical device manufacturer/distributor with per pill IRRs of 80%, is seeking $50 million for a 50% stake in our GCC/MENA manufacturing and distribution hub; $25 million for 50% of a similar project in East Africa, and $25 million for West Africa. A 5% stake in the US holding company is available for $1 million. Our proprietary Rapid Changeover Technology allows us to do short small product runs for fragmented national markets, yet still remain very profitable and maintain superior quality control. Our model is to locally manufacture and/or acquire at wholesale both exclusive branded and generic WHO, US FDA and EU-approved products and devices from the US and Europe, to facilitate country-specific registration and resell to local distribution partners. Per product margins range anywhere from 40% to 400% depending on the market and channels. Per country per product market potentials range up to $1 billion. Our partners include leading US and European manufacturers and wholesalers. The advantage of this venture over standard Indian and Chinese competitors is even as our drugs are price competitive with the inferior Asian generics, all the remedies and devices are WHO, US FDA and Europe EMA compliant, allowing more verifiable quality certification. The venture also has a number of emerging market exclusives -- including a next-generation surgical adhesive -- based on its principals' relationships with manufacturers and distributors.
United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, United States, Viet Nam