Deal: Bank and Bank Technology "FinTech" Company : Become a (1) Silent Partner / Passive Investor, or, (2) Chairman + Active Partner

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OPPORTUNITY Become : (a) a silent partner (passive owner), or, (b) become the chairman of the board and hold several director positions, in our US and international financial services group based in Palm Beach, FL OPERATIONS: Subsidiary companies: (1) commercial banks (2) FinTech bank technology company RETURNS: Investment Return: our executive team can continue to operate the group, while you earn, passive income, a 10% annual dividend for 5 years and a $50million cash payout when the group goes public, in 5 years. After paying out the first US$50million (via a contractual full-ratchet provision) to investors plus any accrued dividends, at the IPO, our executive team will retain the remainder of the upside. Pay no taxes on earnings of the off-shore (Bermuda based FinTech company. Investment : in return for your US$15million contribution today, the executive team will re-capitalize the group while deepening and expanding its product offerings, in the areas of (a) lending and (b) card payments and processing. PUTTING MORE MONEY TO WORK: "For those wishing to put more than US$15million in capital to work, our executive team will negotiate more generous dividends and IPO payouts. All deposits placed in the commercial bank are 100% secured, guaranteed and insured by the US government's FDIC. HISTORY: History is repeating itself. Following, is what was previously achieved with the US$4Million acquisition of a small bank. After recapitalizing the bank's balance sheet, reorganizing its operations and growing its product offerings it was sold for US$25.5Billion (that is, twenty-five point five BILLION US dollars)
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Bermuda, United States