Deal: 650' to 4600', TD's, For Oil and Gas, "Radial Jetting", Recompletion projects

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I would like to introduce to many common individuals/smaller companies to get involved in shallow oil and gas wells, re entry with coil tubing, horizontally. Known as, "R J" with as many a 8-10 times, to get 50' to 300' feet out-horizontally in two or three different pay zones that are stacked on top of each other. We are working in zones from 650, 900' feet deep, then 1050', 1250' 1650', 2200' feet deep. Then deeper to 3400' and 3600' feet deep, to get at least 1500' feet plus of 1" to 1.5" open hole, drilled horizontally, for natural oil & gas flows up to 10 to 50 X's their original flows. Example, 1250' and 1650' is mostly gas, drill 4 x's 300 feet' sections in both zones and they will flow from a range of 800 MCFG to 4,000+ MCFGPD, Naturally. We have these virgin pays zones that have proven reserves to produce over 1,000,000; or 1 BCF Natural Gas; From just 20 feet of perforations from one zone. The 3400 to 3600'feet deep pay zones, the oil zones will flow over 50 to 1,200 BOPD, naturally. The gas zones could cum=1+BCF. The oil zones could cum= 50 BOPD up to 2,500 BOPD and cumulative up to 1,200,000 BO! There are other pay zones, some carry water and they will need to be pumped.
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