Deal: A New Generation of Advanced Imaging Technology in HealthCare

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Based on successful sales of the existing V.E.C revolutionary solution, and the worldwide demand for a portable, lightweight, and a hands-free device, NII is ready to launch the next generation V.E.C solution: It will solve a major problem by being truly portable and able to be used by the Visiting Nurse Association and mobile healthcare practitioners. We are currently seeking financial partners with $2M- $5 million to investment the development of the next generation of these lifesaving technologies. Optical Ultrasound Tomography‚ĄĘ (OUT) gives cells, organs, and tissues their unique identity and unique color. OUT is a portable camera that can detect bleeding in the brain at the scene of the injury without radiation and will send real-time data to the neurosurgeon or hospital. The combination of light and sound produces images of small cancerous breast tumors, and bleeding in the brain, never before possible. Plus bio-metrics, the scanning of the hand, veins, fingerprints for comprehensive fool proof identification. Reply now for more information and/or copies of our detailed business plan, patents, & current income statements.
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