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We are seeking to expand the cure for all cancer around the world. The expansion begins with curing 24 women of breast cancer in one week, every week. The introductory price is $3500.00.Then raised to $10,000. If the client's immune system has not be weakened by traditional medicine then there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No one else we are aware of, including the largest medical centers in the United States, offers a money back guarantee. If we were not certain of the results, then we would not offer that. Doctors, large pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA, have been in charge of cancer treatments. We do not feel they have done an acceptable job. Yet, cancer has been curable for over 100 years. Those groups with few exceptions have failed to perform well. This goes back to the time in history when doctors using non conventional, or non-pharmaceutical, methods lost their licenses, or were immediately labeled as Quacks. It is unfortunate that true cancer cures are attacked by those that are more concerned about their incomes than human life. We have only taken cures for cancer that work. For a single example out of many cures that work, look to John Beard, D.SC, in 1903 and his book published in 1911: The Enzyme Treatment Of Cancer, and its Scientific Basis. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, New York, has adopted that work and regularly cures pancreatic cancer which is thought to be a death sentence. History is filled with many earlier cures. My medical team under my direction has reviewed the history of cancer cures that work. We have focused on Chinese medicine and magnetic therapy. We use Chinese herbs that have been tested for 1000 years. With our formulation we have expedited cancer cell death. There are two schools of thought on cancer: one is that it is 100 different diseases based on location. The other is that it is one disease based on the cancer cell. I believe it is one disease, although some forms require more time to expedite cancer cell death.
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