Deal: Energy Optimization in Transportation - Next Generation Hybrids

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Company is building a leading energy optimization and recapture company in, but not limited to, the transportation industry. With secured global OEM partners, an anchor client with projects in two transportation verticals, Company is seeking to capitalize its two commercial projects. Both projects are with OEMs that are market leaders in their respective industry. Company has also secured strong consortium partners that have global capability. Company is focused on the integration of proven technology into various transportation platforms through software engineering and computer control systems unique to each platform. While an early stage company, has positioned itself for strategic growth and has focused on risk management. Company offers incentives for early investors and can participate in up to 8-10x multiple on capital. Consortium partners bring $2.8m contribution to project. Project to commercialization is 18 months with financing broken into 3 tranches with identified milestones for investor assurance.
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Canada, United States