Deal: FinTech (Silicon Valley Bank Technology Company) + Commercial Bank, For Sale

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DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESSES FOR SALE COMMERCIAL BANK : US incorporated and based commercial bank, that is fully chartered and registered and has been in continuous operation for 100 years. Products and services : savings accounts, checking accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs / fixed deposits), money-market accounts, prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, loans, lines-of-credit, overdraft facilities, letters of credit and other trade-finance products and services. The bank also buys and sells investment securities. Important: all money placed with the bank are fully insured by the US government's Federal Deposit Corporation (FDIC) in the amount of US$250,000 per account. Individuals and institutions can own multiple accounts, thereby fully securing and insuring all money placed in the bank. The USA is the ONLY country that offers a potential 100% insurance coverage and it offers the largest insurance amount per account (US$250,000). "FINTECH" - BANK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Bermuda incorporated and based Silicon Valley technology company. We are one of few companies in the world authorized to issue debit and credit cards, using our own, unique sequence of card numbers and banking protocol. Our major competitors are VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Major company assets : we own a participation in the acquisition and operation of a major Global 500 bank subsidiary that earns cash-flow of US$20million daily. This company will license our technology. Unique service: our customers obtain their own debit and prepaid cards from our banking centers, or, proprietary, portable immediate-issue card printers. No bank account or credit check required to obtain our cards. Customer service : we can also offer the following services - in-person and online direct deposit using cash, cards and payroll-checks, card reload, check-cashing, money remittance (locally and internationally), bill payment, among other services. Universal use of our cards : customers can access our cards and buy products and services - online, at retail stores, at merchants and at ATM machines, around the USA and internationally where these logos appear and are accepted - PULSE, DISCOVER, NYCE, INTERAC (Canada), CIRRUS, LINK (Europe and the Caribbean), JCB (Japan), CHINA UNIONPAY and PROSA (Latin America) ADVANTAGES OF OWNERSHIP (1) win prestige and international visibility by owning your own bank, especially a century old, well-regarded, profitable US commercial bank (2) have the rare opportunity to own a modern tech company and put yourself at the forefront of the tech industry, thereby benefiting from investment windfalls from the firm's operations and an IPO or a sale to a larger competitor (3) refer and recommend loans and other projects to the bank's independent credit committee (4) save tens of millions of dollars annually by paying no taxes on revenue of the technology company, because it is incorporated in the tax-free island of Bermuda (5) earn the chance to replicate this success story, when commercial bank was acquired for US$4million, expanded and sold it for US$25.5billion : SALES PRICE (sold together) (1) commercial bank : US$5million (2) technology firm : €4,500,000 (EURO) or US$5million Funds are accepted in US dollars, EUROS, UK Pound Sterling, Yuan (Renminbi) and Yen
New technology, Bank & Assurance
United States