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The plant is processing tailings from other small scale miners and in addition we take in the tailings from their own mines. The two areas to obtain the tailing are just a few kilometres from the plant and it is like a gold rush community as there are numerous miners and many piles of tailings. This is underground mining here which produces large quantities of tailings each week and having the leach plant it situ means we are in position to control a large quantity of this material and need to look for ways to enhance the position and secure the loyalty of these miners. At the present time in addition to his plant, there is only one other small leach plant with 4 tanks in the immediate area. The leach plant has 16 tanks holding 30 tons per tank. Processing time is 5 days with the loading 1 day before processing and offloading 1 day after processing. Our discussion on this area of activity focused on whether or not overall time for loading and offloading can be improved and to achieve the projections they will need to acquire one small excavator for the plant site for loading and offloading of the tanks and this will instantly improve the efficiency and time involved as present operations are manually done. The second requirement is again for a small excavator at the site of the small scale miners. Again, the trucks and overall operation lose efficiency in the number of trips per day as much time is spent waiting to be manually loaded and deployment of a front end wheel loader here would be much more efficient.