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Welcome Fellow Professionals!!! We are LOOKING to address the issues in the Veterans World, Click BELOW HERE 4 Details!!! Supporting Veterans for the Long Term!!! The Veterans Transition Lifestyle Project!!! D3, have come together to form a unique and comprehensive platform for our transitioning veterans. We are motivated and driven to provide efficient and plausible solutions for our veterans returning home from active duty. The collective public is aware of the various hardships and challenges our veterans face when trying to get acclimated back to the civilian way of life. Numerous transitioning veterans have trouble with PTSD, finding housing, employment and receiving the benefits they're entitled to for their valiant service to our country. D3 find this reprehensible, our veterans and their families deserve far better treatment and appreciation. Our philosophy is not to dwell on the problems it’s to formulate solutions for the long term success of our transitioning veterans and their families. The Veterans Lifestyle Transition Project is our way of supporting and reinvesting back in the veterans community. We look forward to your support & Volunteer efforts as well.
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