Deal: $120M Loan Needed (BG available)

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We are seeking $120 million to construct and place into operation ‘two’ new 50 Meter fishing trawlers specially designed to to operate in the U.S. 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). US regulations have created a niche to access this restricted fishery. We and our affiliate company is a privately held Company which has $240M in U.S. Audited Assets (Licenses), $75M in additional asset and NO long term debt. Our financials have been audited by a major accounting firm and our assets have been appraised by Natural Resources Consultants, Inc. (NRC) We have completed a [U.S.] yard selection process and contracts are in hand. These ‘two’ (& up to 10 can be built) new vessels shall incorporate the latest technology and will be built, flagged, licensed and operated within the United States. The vessels will operate for 11 months at sea. (One month in port is required for yearly maintenance). Annual Cash Flow Projections for ‘1’ ship would generate Gross Revenues of $37.5M [EBITDA at $24.6M]. Construction will take 18 months per vessel (staggered starts are possible in multiple shipyards if funding is received). We can receive a Bank Guarantee Instrument (Stand By Letter of Credit) from a ‘AA’ rated bank in the European Union and/or United Arab Emirates upon delivering a Letter Of Understanding from a financier. Please contact us if you can provide this loan or refer a qualified lender. We look forward to hearing from you.
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United Kingdom, United States