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Financial software company led by a management team with international finance, risk management, digital cryptography, governance and gold trading experience. It is launching A™ as a decentralized, digital method of exchanging value. Each A™ is denominated as a 1 gram weight and measure of physical gold, creating the most trusted exchange of value utilizing the most trusted store of value for 6000 years. A™ represent an historic breakthrough in applied mathematics and cryptography. They are sophisticated, proprietary DIGITAL BEARER BONDS™ built on the open source, ledger book protocols called the block chain that have been battle tested for 6 years. Creators and custodians of significant wealth can seamlessly transfer value into A™, which can be securely and discreetly transferred anywhere in the world, in seconds. The A™ denominated as a 1 gram weight and measure of gold, can be held as a store of value or exchanged for any other asset of value including currencies or allocated physical gold, which is stored in non-bank vaults in free zones around the world including, but not limited to, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Switzerland.
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Switzerland, China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Panama, Singapore