Deal: Own Your Own MTN Trading Platform - Licensed in Norway

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How Many Time Have You Seen People "Advertising" These For "Sale"? Now You Can OWN Your Own MTN Trading Platform! Medium Term Notes are nearly impossible to find. Mainly because they are regulated and are only available for sale through securities dealers. It frustrates many would-be buyers who resort to the secondary markets and the Internet Brokers who fail to perform almost 100% of the time. Enter now the ability to establish your very own trade platform via our Sponsor and their relationship with a top securities firm in Norway. ?There are usually only two or three slots open for creating this type of platform, which then would give you direct access to MTN's from the top banks, either in a managed buy/sell (where the Sponsor and the securities firm do the work), or you can buy then exit to your own buyers. You must be able to have issued a Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit of AT LEAST 300-Million Euro to activate your own trading platform. ?This is a unique and very limited arrangement available to a select few, highly qualified people. We prefer to speak only with a Principal, not a daisy chain of intermediaries. There are only 1 or 2 openings for this program.
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