Deal: Leading Romanian IVD distributor and one of the few top medical devices integrators

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Established in 1994, The company is one of the key businesses in the Romanian IVD distribution market showing strong potential for expansion in a fast growing IVD local market (showing the highest growth y-o-y (8%) in Europe). The Company's offering covers all the needs of laboratory practitioners throughout their workflow, being recognised in the medical community as one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial players. It shows strong historical profitability and low level of debt, benefitting from a revenue model built around a large basis of closed systems (instruments/reagents/software association). With its unique expertise and proven experience in the management of large scale projects in healthcare as well as industrial sector (could participate in international tenders with project values up to EUR 8 mln), the company is well positioned as trusted partner for the announced development of several regional hospitals in Romania in the coming years.
Healthcare, Pharmatech