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PORTABLE, FDA APPROVED VITAL SIGNS MONITOR AND DIAGNOSTIC KIOSK. THIS MULTI-USER, CLINICAL DEVICE IS A SOLUTION TO BETTER CARE FOR CHRONIC CARE PATENTS AT A LOWER COST. THIS SMALL DIGITAL DEVICE ACCURATELY READS AND SECURELY RECORDS A PATIENT’S VITAL SIGN READINGS INCLUDING; WEIGHT, TEMPERATURE, BREATHING EFFICIENCY (SPIROMETER FOR COPD), BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART RATE, OXYGEN SATURATION, HEART RHYTHM AND ARRHYTHMIA (ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH - ECG), AND THE FUTURE VITAL SIGN: P&S ACTIVITY. Salient Facts: • FDA Approved Medical Device • 300 sold and deployed • Near Cash Flow positive • Outstanding Management Team • Patented Technology • Numerous Vertical Markets wide open • Proven to diagnose underlying health issues missed by traditional diagnosis • Selling Price $55K + $25K Service Contract • Cost of production units around $5K • Current Production Capability 100 Units/Month • Use of Cash: Upgrading of infrastructure, sales and marketing. • Debt-Free • EXIT: IPO or Acquisition
United States