Deal: Water purification plant in Europe

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I represent group of engineers. One of which has a proven pilot system for the production of agrocarbon in Hungary. He is in the planing phase of setting up a plant for commercial production. The second one has a water purification system which promises water to an extremely low production price of anywhere down to a few cents per tonne. At the moment, he is exploring opportunities to establish his system in mainland Europe. He already has contacts wiht a government and utilities, who are very interested in his solution. The problem there being, that the utilities reckon on having only enough water in reserve for, at the most, two years. So time is of essence. The situation is the following, both of these Gentlemen, will be cooperating at a engineering level, as their systems offer a high level of synergy. For example, all of the waste water produced by the Agrocarbon production will be purified by the purification system. The location, promises both of them an excellent business basis, due to the extreme low availability of drinkable water and also direct access to the local agricultural market. The expansion of both systems to middle east countries, such as Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, will be driven by the same problems that the concerned location is experiencing. The business potential that these systems offer are many fold, the explanation of which, would be way to much for this note. But, we are willing to show potential investors what they can expect from this enterprise. We reckon on an ROI within 5 years of up to 200%. We are looking for investors to cover a 100,000 tonne purification plant. A business plan is available.
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