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We are partnered with a company that successfully finances US Businesses. The Firm is a corporate and commercial finance firm established in 1989 to source financing for its clients. Many of The Firm's clients are in unproductive lender relationships, and do not have adequate working capital. If you are having difficulty getting the financing you need, you should call us. We are happy to discuss in confidence what’s available in the market to satisfy your financial requirements. Because of the way we operate, hiring the firm is a risk free arrangement for the client. The Firm has a successful record of financing complex and difficult situations across many industry sectors, including manufacturing and wholesaling. Our commercial financial services include increasing working capital, establishing lines of credit, and restructuring debt. The Firm finds the best financial structure available in the marketplace given your situation. The Firm finances mature companies (in business at least two years) which have revenues of at least $5 million, and who have substantial assets. We can assist in financing accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, real estate, purchase orders, acquisitions, and mergers. We specialize in integrating multiple niche lenders (one for each asset class?real estate, equipment, and inventory and accounts receivable) because that approach usually provides the most availability at the lowest aggregate debt service.
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