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A sophisticated collector who has been collecting relevant scriptures for more than 40 years, some of these scriptures are of religious nature and notably relevant to Judaism has decided to sell several unique pieces (books, manuscripts).. This collector is convinced that he has created all the wealth he wants for himself and his family, and his motivation to sell several items from his collection is therefore driven by transferring such an important asset to a custodian, which he considers to be more relevant than himself, given the asset’s historic and emotional significance. He plans to use the proceeds of the asset disposition to fund socially relevant projects. In other words, dignity and value not only drive his motivation to sell, but also define the manner in which such an asset should change hands and whose hands this asset should ultimately end up in. Wanted to have control over the last is the reason why he does not consider to use established channels such as Christies, Sotheby’s or others auctions houses. This is truly an unprecedented collection, it constitutes all the elements of a major museum exhibition, a world class private collection or foundation dedicated to perpetuating the Jewish history. Here are some of the books and manuscripts : - the Fürth Torah scriptures (historic torahs survivors from the Holocaust) - A Greek Manuscript Fragment of Homer’s Classic, The Iliad Iliad, Book Two, Lines 352-404, on Papyrus, circa AD 1c - An Authentic Fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, circa 100 BC to AD 68 Text of Exodus 12:3-5 in Hebrew – The First Passover - Four Relics of the Famed “Jesus Boat” The Only 1st Century Fishing Boat Ever Discovered at the Sea of Galilee - A Greek Manuscript Fragment of Exodus Exodus 40, Septuagint Translation, on Papyrus, circa AD 2c - A Very Rare Fragment from a Leather Scroll of the Book of Esther Esther 6, circa AD 1000, Identified by Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator, Shrine of the Book - the earliest surviving text of St. Paul — a papyrus fragment in Greek that dates to the mid-2nd century AD A full presentation od these documents will be available in the data room, as well as the necessary documents to prove the lawful origin of the property.